What is Wetsus

Wetsus, centre of excellence for sustainable water technology is a facilitating intermediary for trend-setting know-how development. Wetsus creates a unique environment and strategic cooperation for development of profitable and sustainable state of the art water treatment technology. The inspiring and multidisciplinary collaboration between companies and research institutes from all over Europe in Wetsus results in innovations that contribute significantly to the solution of the global water problems. Innovation, partnership, joy, cooperation and reliability are the values around which all Wetsus’ activities are organized and performed.

Wetsus acts as Technological Top Institute for Water technology and is located in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Wetsus’ scientific research program is defined by the private and public water sector and conducted by leading universities.

(Wetsus, Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, has filed a financial report at The Chamber of Commerce Noord-Nederland.)



Wetsus is co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (IOP-TTI) and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The European Community (European Fund for Regional Development and Seventh Framework Programme), Northern Netherlands Provinces (Peaks in the Delta), The City of Leeuwarden, the Province of Fryslân and University Campus Fryslân