1.3 PFAS in water: how to treat and destroy Forever Chemicals? 

Frying pans, fire-extinguishers, couches, carpets, paint, and you; they all contain persistent mobile toxic – a.k.a. PMTs – compounds that are extremely hard to control and remove. The harshest of which are the per- and polyfluoroalky substances or PFAS. These PMTs have been a blessing in the past for their durable properties. And we still enjoy them. For instance, you likely have a Teflon layer in your non-stick frying pan.

Yet it is these properties that now make them a curse as these compounds are ending up in our water streams and find their way in living creatures, like us, where they pile up and on the long run lead to adverse health effects.

Join this session to learn about the challenges in identifying these compounds in water, in combatting them using high-intensity low-wavelength UV lamps, in scaling up lab-based methods, and to take inspiration to face this ever-growing challenge.

Chair: Jan Post