exchange membranes for the selective nitrate/chloride separation

Type of Project: MSc Thesis/Internship
Starting Date: 01-09-2023
Duration: 3 – 6 months (can be discussed)
Salary: €200/month (not including Erasmus participants, possibility to apply for extra €200/month)
Location: Wetsus – European center of excellence for sustainable water technology – Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Project Description:
The selective removal or recovery of elements from a multicomponent stream plays a key role in many industrial and agricultural applications. For instance, nitrate needs to be removed from industrial brines. In closed horticulture systems, however, the aim is to retain the nitrate in the recirculating water but to selectively remove the chloride, a requirement also mandatory in the production process of fertilizers. Currently used electrochemical and biological methods deal with safety issues, season-dependent environmental factors, time-consuming process steps and/or high capital costs. For all these
reasons, alternative approaches have to be explored.

This offer, concentrating on experiments, will focus on manufacturing Anion Exchange Membranes by mixing different kinds of polymers, resins, and additives. Each membrane will then be characterized to study the electrical
resistance, permselectivity and selectivity for a multicomponent solution of nitrate and chloride. The goal is to make membranes which show an increased selectivity for nitrate over chloride[1] to be tested in an electrodialysis setup

[1] Mubita, T., et. al., Journal of Membrane Science, 2020,607,118000

• Electrochemical measurement
• Perform sampling and analysis of water
samples using different methods
• Compare different laboratory techniques


• Currently enrolled as a BSc or MSc
• Good communication in English – both
written and oral;
• Enthusiastic, motivated, and teamoriented
• Background in chemistry, chemical
engineering, water technology or
• Experience with laboratory work is

How to Apply:

Please upload your CV (max. 2 pages) and motivation letter (max. 1 page) via the application form provided. Do not hesitate to contact Daniele Chinello ( ) if you have any further questions or you need more information.

If you have any further questions regarding this position, do not hesitate to reach out at the email above.

Application form: Anion Exchange Membranes for the Selective Nitrate/Chloride Separation

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