18, program

10:00 Theme meetings (theme participants only, invitation via coordinator)
12:00 Lunch (theme participants and platform members)
13:30 Plenary session (theme participants and platform members)
Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr. Ronald Meesters.
Ronald Meesters is a distinguished professor of Probability Theory at VU Amsterdam since 1998. He is renowned for his expertise in forensic probability and statistics. He actively engages in the public debate regarding the scope and interpretation of (statistical) scientific claims and has published extensively on the relationship between science and philosophy. Ronald Meesters will delve into the utilization of mathematical models in policymaking and science with his presentation, “A model is an opinion in terms of mathematics.”
14:15 Break
14:45 Workshops (parallel sessions; theme participants and platform members)
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1. Geological walking tour through Leeuwarden: Sustainability in mining and industry
(Chair: Wokke Wijdeveld – Scientific project manager at Wetsus) Limit 30 participants
On this geological excursion through Leeuwarden, we will take you to see exotic rock types, minerals, and fossils, that are present in our very own buildings and sidewalks, and we will contemplate what we take from the earth and use in our everyday lives. We will discuss the questions of sustainability in mining, how we take inspiration from geological minerals for resource recovery from water, and how we seek inspiration from minerals and crystals on our path to a carbon-neutral economy.
– Wokke Wijdeveld (Scientific project manager at Wetsus)
– Lourens van Langeveld (PhD student at Wetsus)
– Sophie Banke  (PhD student at Wetsus)

2. CO2 valorization towards net Zero emissions
(Chair: Qingdian Shu, Postdoc at Wetsus)
The Netherlands has committed to reducing its carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. On the other hand, carbon dioxide from emissions or the atmosphere serves as a crucial carbon source for synthesizing various organic or inorganic commodities. In this workshop, we will explore some potential pathways for CO2 valorization.
– Alisson Marques (Team Leader, GAFT – Sustainable Aviation Fuel Technology)
– Klaas Hellingwerf (Em. professor in microbiology University of Amsterdam, Scientific advisor of Photanol)
– Rose Sharifian (CTO & Co-founder, SeaO2)
– Shih-Hsuan Lin (PhD student at Wetsus)

3. Fluid Intelligence: Transforming Water Technology with Data and AI
(Chair: Martijn Wagterveld, theme coordinator Wetsus)  
In this session, we explore AI’s role in water technology. Get informed on research potential and future aspirations. Discover its applications, from predictive analytics for water quality monitoring to optimizing water distribution networks.  We will wrap up with a slightly philosophical panel discussion to address opportunities, risks, and ethical concerns.
– Introduction: AI in the water sector.  Doekle Yntema, theme coordinator smart water grids Wetsus
– AI in research: potential and future aspirations
– AI technology for real-time anomaly management of water network
– Monitoring water and soil quality using AI technology.  Mateo Mayer, director (speaker confirmed, title not)
– Panel discussion hosted by Martijn Wagterveld, theme coordinator Sensoring, Wetsus

4. Creating synergy between Research & innovation and Education
(Chair: Roel Meulepas, Director Europe at Wetsus)
Wetsus aims to contribute to a more sustainable society through enabling water technology. In line with this goal, Wetsus supports the ongoing learning among future generations of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs in the field of sustainable water technology. This workshop will explore four activities developed for this goal, each focusing on another age category. For each of these activities, we will explore how Education can benefit from alignment with Research & innovation and vice versa:
– Educational toolkits at Schools (Marlieke Sietsema, Advisor Educational Tools Water)
– Honors program for Talent from high schools (Rouèl Gnodde, Manager Talent Program at Wetsus)
– 360° Water Experience for BSc students (Valentina Sechi, Programme Director Master WaterTechnology)
– Water-MBA for PhDs (Sem de Vries, Commercial Leader Business School Netherlands)

5. Zoom in and see through, exploring applications of electron and X-ray microscopy
(Chair: Xiaoxia Liu, Scientific Project manager at Wetsus)
An in-depth understanding of different processes and materials can open new opportunities for the water technology sector, e.g., research institutes, consultancies, or industrial enterprises. However, the state-of-the-art facilities or expertise to perform good investigations can be costly and risky.
The Excite network is the leading European electron and X-ray imaging infrastructure network. The network consists of 24 facilities located at 15 research institutes across European countries. The network provides free-of-charge access to their facilities, opening to different research institutes and industrial applicants. The possibility of getting access to the grant and applying different techniques to understand your samples will be introduced and discussed at the workshop.
– Xiaoxia Liu (Scientific project manager at Wetsus)
– Dr. Laurenz Schröer (Facility Manager Excite, Gent University)
– Dr. Olga Sójka (Postdoc at Wetsus)
– Bárbara Vital (Process Engineer, SusPhos)

16:45 Drinks and buffet (for workshop participants)

The online registration is now closed. Please register on-site if you still wish to attend.