of the electrochlorination process

Project description

Electrochlorination is an increasingly important means of disinfecting water. In this process, salty water is electrolized to produce hypochlorite, an effective disinfectant. However, some byproducts, specifically chlorate and perchlorate, have been found to be detrimental to human and animal health.

The goal of this project is to increase our understanding of electrochlorination, specifically how process parameters impact sensor data. This information is imperative to improve the prediction of chlorate and perchlorate formation.


Project description



It will be your task to make an assessment of the relation between the process parameters and sensor output, and to make an initial analysis of your findings. This will be used as a basis for a so-called software sensor: A virtual sensor that fuses the information provided by a set of sensors to obtain an estimate of the chlorate and perchlorate activities in real-time. Your tasks will include:

• Preparing and executing a test plan that best covers the relevant parameters
• Perform sample analysis and record prototype sensor data
• Analyze the data and explain the found relations

Your profile
• Highly motivated to learn about the assessment of electrochemical processes
• Currently enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s study in chemical science or related field
• Proficient and precise with laboratory work
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• EU citizen or non-EU citizen already enrolled in a Dutch university and living in the Netherlands

• Gain hands-on experience with a broad range of sensors
• Deepen your understanding of electrochemistry
• Contribute to reducing health risks related to the disinfection of water
• Work in an advanced laboratory with colleagues from around the world
• If you don’t have an Erasmus grant, you will receive a €200 or €400 monthly allowance, depending on your




How to apply
Interested? Send an email to to get in touch. Please supply an up-to-date CV and a short
letter explaining your interest in this specific project.

Application form: Characterization of the Electrochlorination Process

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