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CO2 energy

Society is in need of alternative energy sources, to meet the growing demand of energy in a more sustainable way. Mixing energy is such an alternative energy sources that has been widely overlooked and only explored for mixing fresh water with sea water, the so-called Blue Energy. The concentration of CO2 is much higher in the combustion emission (5-20%) than in the atmosphere (0.04%) meaning that upon mixing a large amount of energy is released. This energy is currently wasted as until recently no technology was available to harvest this energy. In 2013 for the first time a concept for such technology was presented by Wetsus researchers through laboratory experiments. The principles underlying the technology were postulated. This theme aims at further developing this technological concept by combining, physical chemistry, materials science and process engineering.

Company members

Michiel Geurds
Michele Tedesco nieuw2

Theme manager
Michiel Geurds

Theme coordinator
Michele Tedesco

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