kaumera & phosphorus recovery from aerobic granular

Project description

Do you want to know more about a new wastewater treatment technology? Are you interested to work on a new method to valorize sludge?

NEREDA® Technology is an innovative biological wastewater treatment process based on granular sludge. Currently, the process is optimized for phosphorus removal through anaerobic/aerobic alternation, but it is desired that wastewater treatment processes in the future recover that phosphorus.

Project description

NEREDA® waste sludge offers the opportunity for recovery of a new bio-based raw material extracted from the
extracellular polymeric substances with the commercial name of Kaumera NEREDA® Gum (Fig 2). Kaumera is a gel-forming polyelectrolyte that can be used in wide industrial applications. Combining phosphorus and Kaumera recovery is to be studied through this project.

• Perform Kaumera extractions from granular sludge on the lab scale
• Perform some tests related to phosphorus recovery (precipitation, high-value applications)
• Study phosphorus speciation using different analytical methods

• An MSc student with a background in biotechnology, analytical chemistry, and chemical or bioprocess engineering.
• A student highly motivated, enthusiastic, proactive, and willing to learn.
• Enrollment at a Dutch or European university. For non-EU citizens enrollment at a Dutch university is required.
• Experience in a chemical lab with the ability to work safely and securely.
• A good level of English is required.

Offer &Benefits:
• Type: MSc thesis, Internship project
• Location: Wetsus, Leeuwarden, Netherlands
• Duration: minimum 6 months- starting in November 2022- Later starting time is possible.
• Compensation: €200 or 400 per month, subject to a personal situation
• You would be part of a big EU project (water mining project) with industrial partners where you have the
chance to expand your network and improve your skills

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Application form: Combined Kaumera & Phosphorus recovery from Aerobic Granular

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