anaerobic sludge towards co2 utilizing methanogenic membrane-biofilm

Type of Project: Internship (MSc and BSc)
Starting Date: June 1, 2023 or later
Location: Wetsus, european centre of sustainable water technology, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

There are a few possibilities for allowances:
– The allowance for students is €200. The student can apply for ‘Wetsus Grant’ allowance (€200 extra; an internal committee decides if the allowance will be granted).
– Students can apply for Erasmus; (if the Erasmus grant is less than €400, the student can apply for the Wetsus Grant).
– Erasmus
*The Wetsus Grant allowance is not guaranteed and must be approved by the Grant Committee.

Project Description:
As global society faces the urgent threat of increasing atmospheric CO2 levels, carbon capture and utilization (CCU) presents a promising solution. One potential technology to produce renewable fuels without relying on petroleum is biological CO2 conversion through biomethanation. This process involves anaerobic microbes converting organic waste into biogas containing mainly CH4 and CO2.

A critical step in this conversion is hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis, where methanogens utilize CO2 and H2 to produce CH4. To optimize this conversion, a novel gas delivery strategy is proposed, involving a membrane-biofilm interface. CO2 and H2 are supplied through a gas-permeable membrane, which is expected to enhance the efficiency of the process.

This internship project aims to promote hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis in continuous bioreactors that contain anaerobic sludge. The goal is to establish a continuous bioprocess where organics, CO2, and H2 are fed to cultivate a biofilm-forming methanogenic microbial culture.

– Maintain and monitor process parameters of lob-scale continuous bioreactors
– Sampling and analysis of reactor samples using various analytical methods
– Support with setup and start-up of new bioreactors

– Currently enrolled as a MSc student; Non-EU citizens need to be enrolled at a Dutch university to be eligible for this project
– Good communication in English, both written and oral
– Background in environmental, water, biotechnology, or similar
– Be able to work with wastewater sludges
– Experience with laboratory work is preferred

How to apply:
Please attach your CV (max 1/2 pages) and motivation letter (max 1 page) in the application form below. You can contact the phd researcher Shih-Hsuan Lin questions through the message option below.

Application form: Developing anaerobic sludge towards co2 utilizing methanogenic membrane-biofilm

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