capture of co2 from ambient air

Type of project: Thesis / Internship.
Duration: 6 – 8 months, starting form September, 2023.
Location: Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, Leeuwarden.
Allowance: €200,- to €400,- per month.

Project description:
Climate change is one of the most critical global challenges. Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration brought by anthropogenic emissions is the primary driver of climate change. Capturing CO2 from emission points and even directly from the air provides a potential solution to mitigate the amount of CO2 emissions and reduce the atmospheric CO2 concentration.

At Wetsus, under the theme Sustainable Carbon Cycle (, we aim to develop novel CO2 capture technologies that could be potentially energy efficient and environmentally benign 1,2. Based on the extensive knowledge we have on water technologies, current studies focus on applying electrochemical systems for CO2 capture.

Your tasks:
–     Operating an electrochemical system.
–     Characterizing the performance of the system based on several parameters.
–     Optimizing the operation conditions in terms of energy consumption and CO2 capture efficiency.

–     Specialized in environmental science, chemical engineering, or related fields, the experience of working with electrochemical or carbon capture system will be a bonus.
–     Actively enrolled in undergraduate (BSc) or graduate (MSc) studies.
–     Interest in practical laboratory experience and analytical work.
–     Fluent in English (speaking, writing and communication skills).
–     Highly motivated, enthusiastic and independent who also like to work in a team.

How to apply:
Please attach your CV (max 2 pages) and motivation letter (max 1 page) in the application form below. You can the phd student Yicheng Wang Qingdian Shu questions throught the message option.

1. Shu, Q., Legrand, L., Kuntke, P., Tedesco, M., & v. M. Hamelers, H. (2020). Electrochemical Regeneration of Spent Alkaline Absorbent from Direct Air Capture. Environmental Science & Technology, 54(14), 8990–8998.

2. Shu, Q., Haug, M., Tedesco, M., Kuntke, P., & v. M. Hamelers, H. (2022). Direct Air Capture Using Electrochemically Regenerated Anion Exchange Resins. Environmental Science & Technology, 56(16), 11559–11566.

Application form: Electrochemical capture of CO2 from ambient air

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