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BeStart Challenge

Published: 7 februari 2019

Are you the (water tech) startup that solves our sustainable challenges?

BeStart is looking for innovative startups who are in for a sustainable challenge. The BeStart Challenge will start in April 2019 and provides the opportunity for starting entrepeneurs to work on a circular challenge. Unique is that you will work closely together with your future partner/ launching customer.

You as a startup will probably recognize that it is quite difficult to find the right product-market fit. No matter how brilliant your product or idea, getting customers who are really willing to pay for it is often quite difficult. This forces you back to the drawing table again and again until all your resources, time and energy have are spent and you have to decide to stop your startup.

The BeStart Challenge solves this problem! Within the challenge we are connecting your brilliant idea with market demands. You will be working together with your partner from the beginning. You will be developing a product not only with a market demand but also with an organization that is willing to share his knowledge and network right away. In return, the partner gains a fitting solution for his sustainable challenge, without having to make extensive strategic or financial investments.

This year, we formulated two different Challenges. DijkstraDraisma is looking for innovative window frame solutions that can be assembled in an industrialised environment. Paques, leading in biological wastewater and gas treatment, is looking for products that can be produced from the PHA that they produce in waste water treatment plants.

In for a Challenge? Sign up before March 18th 2019 on the Bestart website:

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