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Published: 28 september 2009

At the start of the Wetsus Water Week, the city of Leeuwarden presented a special gift to the board of Wetsus. Cees Buisman and Johannes Boonstra received a sign, similar to those who were put up during the weekend, at 9 places where you can enter Leeuwarden. These signs underline Leeuwarden's focus on water technology in its economical development policy.

At all main roads entering Leeuwarden you can see the new signs, placed below the sign of the city of Leeuwarden.

borden city of water technology 004
borden city of water technology 007

Johannes Boonstra (member of the board Wetsus) , Gert Jan Euverink (deputy scientific director Wetsus), Cees Buisman (member of the board Wetsus) and Henk Deinum (Alderman Leeuwarden)

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