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Eric Ziemann wins Dopper Changemaker Challenge

Published: 23 maart 2017

Eric Ziemann, student of the Wetsus Academy and researching at Wetsus, has won the Changemaker Award of the Dopper Foundation.  
The prize of 3000 euro is awarded to a master student researching clean water solutions or plastic pollution.

Eric focuses on antibiotics.
After use, many antibiotics end up in our waters. Bacteria present in these waters can build up resistance to these antibiotics. Relatively innocent illnesses (like the flu) can become potentially lethal, like in the middle ages. Currently, we do not know the extent of the problem because measuring antibiotics is very difficult. To make a proper analysis possible, Wetsus researcher Eric Ziemann, wants to develop a novel method to detect and quantify various antibiotics in water. Only 1 on 3.5 trillion molecules in water is an antibiotic substance! With the support of Wetsus, and the prize money Eric has won in the Dopper Changemaker Challenge, he will develop an extraction technique, based on electric fields, to make unmeasurable antibiotics measurable.

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