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Luciaan Boels wins Marcel Mulder Prize 2010

Published: 28 oktober 2010

On the first day of the Wetsus Congress, the annual Marcel Mulder Prize was awarded to Luciaan Boels.

In 2001, Marcel Mulder was appointed as professor on Sustainable Water Technology and Membrane Technology at the University of Twente. Stationed in Leeuwarden, he was and the one who planted the seed for Wetsus. Unfortunately, before he was able to see the further development of Wetsus, he passed away on November 17, 2002.

The Board and the Supervisory Board of Wetsus have decided that in memory of him, and to extend his ideas, an annual Professor Marcel Mulder Science Prize will be awarded to the Wetsus researcher who made the most exceptional performance in the field of water technology in the past year. That means that he or she enabled a, preferably patented, technological process in a particular field to move forward. The subject must be connected to one of the themes of the Wetsus program.

Luciaan Boels is a PhD student of the Process & Energy Laboratory Group of the University of Delft. Luciaan obtained his master degree at the University of Groningen and was inspired to work as PhD student in the Wetsus theme concentrate treatment. His PhD project is carried out in the Wetsus laboratory in Leeuwarden. His supervisor is professor Geert-Jan Witkamp from the TU Delft.

Luciaan investigates the removal of anti-scalants which are used in desalination plants.
His work combines strong practical relevance with excellent scientific achievements and resulted up to now in 3 excellent publications in top scientific journals. In addition, he is inventor of 1 patent for the removal of anti-scalants using iron sand.

Margreeth de Boer, chairlady of the Wetsus supervisory board,  congratulates Luciaan Boels
Margreeth de Boer, chairlady of the Wetsus supervisory board, congratulates Luciaan Boels
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