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Opening demonstration site hospital waste water

Published: 2 september 2014

State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment Mansveld officially opened the demonstration site for hospital waste water in Sneek.


Hospital waste waters are still often disposed into the normal sewage system. An emerging number of publications point out their possible role as a source for antibiotic resistant bacteria which might pose a threat to human health. Those resistant organisms can share their antibiotic resistance genes with environmental organisms and participate in the spread of diseases which become more difficult to treat if the antibiotics at hand do not work properly anymore. Another subject is: the removal of drug residues so that these residues do not end up in the environment.
In Sneek, companies can use the waste water from the Antonius hospital to develop technologies that can contribute to a solution. Several companies like Biotrack, Pure Green, Water Waves and HAPPS will conduct research at the demosite. This will lead to the development of new and unique breakthrough technologies.

The testing site has been set up by Wetsus, the Antonius Hospital, the municipality of South-West Fryslan, Water Alliance, water technology firm Desah and the Waterboard Fryslan. 

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