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Wetsus News 7 2009

Published: 17 december 2009

Season's greetings

Wetsus looks back at a very successful 2009. Many thanks for your contributions to that! We wish you happy holidays, merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and inspiring 2010!

Ambisys S.A. and Femto Invest new participants in Bio-energy theme

Wetsus' company participant network has grown from 68 to 76 in 2009. We are proud to introduce the 2 latest additions to you:

Ambisys S.A. is a Portuguese company specialised in sustainable treatment solutions for wastewater and organic waste. Ambisys is a spin-off company of the University of Minho and operates on the cutting edge of technology, by pioneering the field of high-rate bioenergy production from fat containing wastewater and organic waste. Ambisys believes that 'through the Wetsus synergy unique business opportunities will be created based on technological innovation within bio-energy'.

Also Femto Invest has joined the bio-energy theme as participant. Femto Invest is a Dutch holding company which aims to invest in new technologies in the field of small scale sustainable energy generation for house-holds or small companies. The business goal is to find and build new energy systems which make it possible to create a selfsupporting autartic system, while maintaining modern ways of living and working, in places where connection to the energy grid is not possible or not wanted.

Deltares new know-how institute participant
Besides for its water technology, the Netherlands is of course known for its excellent know-how on Delta-technology. This know-how is bundled in Deltares, the Dutch independent research institute for water, soil and subsurface issues ( Deltares works on innovative solutions that make life in deltas, coastal areas and river basins safe, clean and sustainable. Obviously, there are overlaps in the fields of attention of Deltares and Wetsus and on these tangent planes, cooperation is desired.

Deltares and Wetsus have therefore signed an agreement that enables Deltares to operate as know-how institute in the Wetsus research program. The first projects under this cooperation will start soon.
With Deltares aboard, the total number of know-how institutions participating in Wetsus has risen from 8 to 14 in 2009.

Prime minister Balkenende visits Wetsus at science event

December 2, 2009 Wetsus was present at the event 'Vrienden van de Wetenschap' in The Hague. Prime minister Balkenende of the Netherlands was one the guests and he visited the Wetsus stand at the exhibition floor. He showed a lot of interest in Blue Energy. The Wetsus stand was part of the presentation of the Dutch Water Technology Innovation Program.

Wetsus' Jos van Dalfsen explains Blue Energy to the prime minister
Wetsus' Jos van Dalfsen explains Blue Energy to the prime minister

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