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Wetsus News February 2017

Published: 15 februari 2017

New participant companies

Coherent Water Systems, United Kingdom, has become participant of the Applied Water Physics Research theme. Coherent Water Systems Ltd., is a new company developing technology based upon the coherence principles introduced and described by the late profs. Fröhlich and Del Giudice.

Green Water Solution, USA, will join the Phosphate Recovery theme. Green Water Solution is a new company offering a novel method for recovery and removal of phosphate from surface water.

Wetsus signs National Raw Materials Agreement

Recently, Wetsus and 180 other partners signed the National Raw Materials agreement with the Dutch national government. The agreement marks the start of the implementation of the national Circular Economy program. Wetsus contributes with its unique multidisciplinary and demand driven research program to the realization of
the targets in this program. The program has recently been presented to the Dutch partners and presents the vision and priorities to ensure that The Netherlands makes the transition to from a linear economy, via a reuse economy to a true circular economy in 2050.

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Currently Wetsus discusses with the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment opportunities to further intensify the current actions in support of this vision.

Raw materials agreement      
2050 circular economy vision

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EDS Conference 2017

Together with the European Desalination Society, Wetsus last week hosted some 130 membrane scientists from all over the world discussing the latest developments in this research field. We felt honored to have Elaine Alwayn, Director Water & Soil from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, to officially open the conference. Excellent key note presentations by prof. Eric Roesink of NX Filtration B.V and Dr. Piotr Dlugolecki of Berghof Membrane Technology GmbH supplemented the oral presentations of almost eighty scientists. Once more Leeuwarden and in particularly city theater the Harmony showed how well such events can be organized here. This was also pointed out in a humoristic way by mayor Ferd Crone during the conference dinner. At the end of the first congress day, the attendants visited the Wetsus building for an introductory visit. The conference successfully ended with a visit to the Afsluitdijk Exhibition Center and a presentation about the Blue Energy project operated there.


Solution for phosphorus recovery to protect the Everglades

A Wetsus team has submitted a solution to recover phosphorus from surface water in the Everglades (Florida, USA), as part of the first stage of the George Barley prize contest. The George Barley prize ( is organized by the Everglades Foundation in their search to find cost-effective solutions to remove and recover phosphorus from surface water. There is a high demand in Florida for such a technology, as it would make it possible to restore the natural water flow through the Everglades and prevent toxic algae blooms at the coasts of Florida.

Challenging demands have been set for the new technology. It should remove phosphorus to ultra low concentrations (10 ppb) with a very minimal footprint and at cost of less than 120$/kg P. Wetsus proposed their NaFRAd-solution which is a combination of flocculation with natural flocculants and reversible adsorption with high capacity iron based adsorbents. In this way both particulate and soluble phosphorus can be removed with minimal waste formation. The phosphorus can be recovered as phosphate rock that can used in the local fertilizer industry. These technologies find their origin in the Wetsus research themes Phosphate Recovery and Natural Flocculants. A video describing our solution can be found here.

Wetsus Congress in Harmonie

Wetsus Congress 2017, October 9 and 10

Preparations for the Wetsus Congress 2017 are well on their way and we can already confirm some of the keynote speakers. On October 9 we welcome Robert-Jan Smits of the European Commission, DG Research & Innovation. Also confirmed for our morning program are the keynotes by prof. Jean Frechet, Kaust University and prof. George Hawkins, DC Water, USA. On October 10 plenary contributions from prof.dr. Daniel Bond, University of Minnesota, USA and prof.dr. Alexander Kuhn, University of Bordeaux, France will be on the agenda. We keep you updated on


European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018

In 2018, when Leeuwarden is European Capital of Culture, the European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018 (EWTW 2018) will be organized. The global water technology sector is increasingly organized in hubs. EWTW 2018 will connect these hubs in Leeuwarden, the United Nations Innovating City for water technology. At this special event, the sector will meet and inspire each other in the innovative climate of WaterCampus Leeuwarden.

Innovation, technology and policy leaders from companies, universities and governments get together during several inspiring events taking place from September 24 to 27, 2018. EWTW 2018 will among others feature the Wetsus Annual Congress 2018, Water Alliance WaterLink2018 and a dedicated trade show. All of this will be accompanied by a unique cultural program linked to water, to celebrate Leeuwarden’s official status of European Capital of Culture in 2018.

The event will focus on the question how multidisciplinary cooperation can help to solve societal challenges around water. Issues like water scarcity, water pollution and water and health will be on the agenda, just like the water sector’s contribution to the circular economy. Viewpoints from businesses, science and politics will be brought to you by key-note speakers from all over the world. In interactive sessions and on the trade show floor, the topics will be elaborated further and business and development opportunities will be explored. Stay up to date on the program at


1st IWA Conference on Algal Technologies for Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

Wetsus is co-organizing this international conference, that brings together scientists, algaeneers and practitioners to exchange the latest knowledge on the application of algae for wastewater treatment and resource recovery. The conference is held on March 16 and 17, 2017, at UNESCO-IHE in Delft.

Wastewater engineers using algae can benefit from knowledge coming from the use of algae to produce biofuels, food supplements or green pharmaceuticals. Likewise, wastewater as a cheap source of nutrients and inorganic carbon is promising for the production of algae-based commodities. For example, algae based treatment systems in developing world tropical countries, may reduce wastewater treatment costs via the recovery of its inherent resources. More information.

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