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Wetsus News February 2018

Published: 14 februari 2018

Patent transfer to Rainmaker Worldwide

In 2017 Wetsus transferred a patent on harvesting water vapor from air to Rainmaker Worldwide. Rainmaker’s purpose is to produce safe drinking water for communities in need, so they can thrive and never go thirsty. Their Air-to-Water technology harvests fresh water from humidity in the atmosphere. Rainmaker will use the Wetsus patent to further improve the performance of their technology. Wetsus wishes Rainmaker a lot of success with the valorization of this invention.



Welcome to JIEI and Wavin

Wavin has become participant of the Smart Water Grids research theme of Wetsus. Wavin is a global leader in the supply of plastic pipe systems and solutions. Wavin, headquartered in Zwolle, the Netherlands, has presence in more than 25 countries and about 30 manufacturing sites, mostly located in Europe. Wavin is a subsidiary of Mexichem: a global leader in plastic piping and one of the world’s largest chemical and petrochemical companies.


Jiangsu Yixing Institute of Environmental Industry Technology Co. Ltd has joined Wetsus as a platform participant. JIEI was established in December 2012 by the Chinese Government and (Yixing) National Industry Park for Environment Protection. JIEI is located both in Bejing and Yixing and is the leading platform in the Chinese environment sector with two clusters of activities. One cluster is media and alliances. The other cluster is technology and business, JIEI has 2000m2 piloting facility and operates a number of municipal/industrial/hazard waste treatment facilities for demos. JIEI also incubates technical businesses by teaming with knowledge institutes, entrepreneurs, and public-private partnerships. JIEI is a hub to Chinese environment sector.

Wetsus researcher on Antarctica during solar eclipse

Wetsus researcher and program manager Elmar C. Fuchs is currently on Antarctica for a very special measurement campaign during the solar eclipse on February 15. He is using the facilities of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Fuchs will measure how a solar eclips impacts some basic properties of water.

Previous experiments were carried out during the solar eclipses in 2015 in Leeuwarden, 2016 in Réunion, 2017 in Puerto Chacabuco and the United States. The results of all these experiments suggest a correlation between the solar eclipse and some basic properties of water which are not due to changes of environmental parameters like temperature, humidity and air pressure. Among the many possible hypotheses, non-visible emissions from the sun like solar wind remain to be the most plausible one. Possible influences of solar activity on earth’s atmosphere were discussed recently. The magnetic fields of earth redirect most of the solar wind to the polar regions where its interaction with the atmosphere results in the famous and beautiful aurora borealis and australis, respectively. Therefore a measurement campaign in the polar regions during a solar eclipse should shed more light on the validity of this hypothesis. This endeavour will be attempted by Elmar C.


Fuchs on February 15th at the Dirck Gerritz Laboratory near the British Rothera Research Station on Antarctica. NWO opened the first Dutch laboratory on Antarctica a few years ago. This Dirck Gerritsz Laboratory consists of four sea containers that have been converted into laboratories and placed in a docking station.

European WaterCampus Business Challenge open for registration

Interested in starting or boosting your own start-up company? It is now possible to sign up for the 9th edition of the European WaterCampus Business Challenge (EWCBC). The EWCBC 2018 will be organized from March 12-16, 2018. During this week you will meet peers, talk with innovative corporations and get to pitch for serious investors, launching customers and technology partners. In past editions participation in the European WCBC has resulted in great success stories. Almost all companies from the previous 8 editions are still successfully active in the water business. For the 2018 edition we again invite startups and PhD with entrepreneurial ambitions from all over Europe to create a big rub off effect and create win-win situations for all.


European Water Technology Week 2018: block your agenda!

During the last weekend of January, the city of Leeuwarden celebrated the opening of 2018, European Capital of Culture. For the water technology sector, the highlight will be in September. Then the European Water Technology Week is scheduled.

Innovation, technology and policy leaders from companies, universities and governments get together during several inspiring events taking place from September 24 to 27. EWTW 2018 will among others feature the Wetsus Annual Congress 2018, Water Alliance WaterLink2018, a dedicated trade show, and a WaterCampus Experience day. All of this will be accompanied by a unique cultural program linked to water, to celebrate Leeuwarden’s official status of European Capital of Culture in 2018.


The event will focus on the question how multidisciplinary cooperation can help to solve societal challenges around water. Issues like water scarcity, water pollution and water and health will be on the agenda, just like the water sector’s contribution to the circular economy.

Jan Klok6

Wetsus candidate Prins Friso Ingenieurs prize

Wetsus' scientific project manager Jan Klok is one of the candidates to win the annual Prins Friso Ingenieurs prize. From February 19 on, you can vote for him on the website. Jan Klok is also Principal Technologist at Paqell B.V.

Eligible for the prize are people with an MSc or BSc degree in engineering. They must stand out in four competences: expertise, innovation, entrepreneurship, and societal impact. The award ceremony will be held on March 21, with the above mentioned public voting award and the jury prize.

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