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Wetsus News May 2018

Published: 2 mei 2018
New European grant

New European grant on electrochemical ammonia recovery

In July 2018, Wetsus’ new European project NEWBIES (Nitrogen Extraction from Water By an Innovative Electrochemical System) will start. NEWBIES comprises the development, scale-up and piloting of an innovative electrochemical system for ammonia recovery. This technology was developed in the Resource Recovery theme of Wetsus as part of the FP7 project ValuefromUrine. The NEWBIES system will be tested on three types of wastewater: source separated urine, digester effluent and landfill leachate. The project is funded under EU’s LIFE programme for environment and climate action. The project partners are Wetsus (coordinator, NL), W&F Technologies BV (NL), Evides Industriewater BV (NL), and ICRA (ES). The total budget for this 3 year project is 1.25 million Euros.

Welcome to new participants

Biosoil has joined Wetsus as a participant in the theme Groundwater technology. Biosoil Europe is specialized in the design and implementation of in-situ soil remediation, in on-site soil and water purification technology.
Agriton and Mulder Agro have become participant in the Soil theme. Agriton produces natural and sustainable products for the agricultural sector, aimed to improve the chemical and biological aspects of the cycle soil-plant-animal-manure. Mulder Agro is also working on the improvement of soil and soil organisms, for better crops.
Waterschap Rijn en IJssel, a water board in the eastern part of The Netherlands has signed up as a platform participant.


New funding by Province of Fryslan

The Province of Fryslân announced that they will reserve a budget of 1,125 million per year for Wetsus for the years 2021 and 2022. In addition, the provincial board also prepares comparable financing for the 2023-2030 period. This is a very important step in securing the future of Wetsus.

In the decision, the provincial board mentions the importance and relevance of Wetsus. ‘The Wetsus model is successful and the scientific output is world class’. Therefore, and to further expand the activities as European hub for water technology, the Province wants to make sure that the financial continuity of Wetsus is guaranteed for the future. Wetsus is very happy with this news and we hope that this move of the Province will invoke comparable gestures from the city of Leeuwarden and the national government.

Jan Klok

Jan Klok wins public award Engineer of the year

Jan Klok, working for Paqell and Wetsus, has won the public prize at the annual Engineer of the year election, the Prins Friso Prize. The election is organized by KIVI, the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers. Jan Klok was nominated by KIVI for valorization of his research and the greening of amongst others the oil- and gas industry. He developed an environmentally friendly desulphurisation process for removing hydrogen sulfide and recovering it as elemental sulfur from sour gas streams, utilizing naturally occurring bacteria.

Stockholm Water Prize

Dutch entry Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Centaine Du Toy van Hees, student at RSG Magister Alvinus in Sneek, will represent The Netherlands at the Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2018. She won the Dutch national qualification Knappe Waterhoofden, with her research on the Blue Battery. This is an electrical storage system that is 100% sustainable, using water and salt. Wetsus theme manager Michel Saakes advised and trained Centaine in the process of developing a membrane for the system. The Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition will be held in the last week of August.

Girls day

52 secondary school girls enjoyed Girls day 2018 at Wetsus and the Centre of Expertise for Water Technology. After an introduction, they got to do some experiments and there was a speed date session with Wetsus female researchers and staff.

52 secondary school girls enjoyed Girls day 2018 at Wetsus and the Centre of Expertise for Water Technology. After an introduction, they got to do some experiments and there was a speed date session with Wetsus female researchers and staff.


First European Water Technology Week, September 2018

At this moment, the WaterCampus partners are finalizing the program for EWTW 2018. The Wetsus annual congress 2018 is integrated in the EWTW program. Shortly we will send you an invitation and a complete overview of the program, but we can already reveal some highlights.

On Monday September 24, Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy in the morning program will deliver a keynote, just like James L. Barnard, PhD, Global Practice & Technology Leader Advanced Biological Treatment Black & Veatch. In the afternoon program Sally Gutierrez, Director of Environmental Technology Innovation Cluster development and support programme EPA R&D office, will deliver a keynote as an introduction to the lively ‘connecting the hubs’ session that concludes the first day.

Scientific keynotes on Tuesday September 25 will be given by prof. Rong Wang, Chair of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore and on Wednesday September 26 by Prof. Kaijun Wang, Tsinghua University, China.

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Jordi 7

Defense in Leeuwarden

On June 22, Wetsus, together with Twente University, will organize a defense in Leeuwarden. Jordi Moreno will defend his PhD thesis “Energy generation from salinity gradients with reverse electrodialysis; Fouling management and process design”. You are welcome in De Kanselarij, the defense starts at 14.30 hrs. You are of course also most welcome at all other defenses of Wetsus researchers. For all planned PhD defenses, please check the Wetsus calendar.

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