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Wetsus News October 2017

Published: 23 oktober 2017

Scientific evaluation Wetsus: excellent results

“Wetsus, as research unit, is seen by the review committee as one of the most influential and effective research groups in the world in its field.”

An international review committee, composed of four eminent engineers and scientists, has evaluated Wetsus. On all evaluation aspects, Wetsus was awarded the highest possible score. This evaluation is done every 6 years, using the Standard Evaluation Protocol for Dutch universities. The objective of the audit was to evaluate the quality, relevance and viability of Wetsus as a research institute and, as an extra, the value of the Wetsus network for knowledge transfer. The audit results were briefly presented at the Wetsus 2017 annual congress, and the audit report was offered to Topsector Water chairman Hans Huis in ‘t Veld.

Research quality: The review committee was impressed by the significant achievements of Wetsus. “Its research, publications and impact are world-class. At the same time, Wetsus provides the private sector with extremely useful scientific insight and knowledge that allows it to compete internationally at the highest level.”
Relevance to society: “There is a wide range of global and regional water-related issues and challenges that Wetsus research makes strong contributions to. These issues are all pervasive and the Wetsus programme is making significant and growing impacts in these areas despite its relatively recent establishment. As a research unit, Wetsus makes an outstanding contribution to society.”

Viability: “The management of Wetsus is well organised. Strong leadership from the top-management has built a robust, effective and efficient organisation. Organisational checks and balances are in place to both generate good quality research as well as useful results for companies. The financial system for contributions by companies is simple and effective and provides a resilient structure to ensure stability of the financial contributions from participating companies. The research unit Wetsus is excellently equipped for the future.”

Research quality, relevance to society and viability were unanimously judged by the committee to each clearly deserve the highest possible score of 1.

The committee, as an extra topic, also looked at how Wetsus organizes its network and how it connects its partners. The assessment committee is impressed by the way Wetsus organises the highly integrated and interactive network around them. Both academic and industry partners were very supportive of the network, with universities seeing Wetsus as a valuable extension of their interests, not as a competitor, while companies consider the Wetsus network as a cost-effective platform to engage with key experts and cooperate on strategic or applied research from the phase of invention into innovation and makes the connection between (university) research and industry like no other institute in water technology in the world.

The evaluation committee considers Wetsus to be unique, not only in Europe but worldwide. It represents a model research institute on how research and collaboration needs to be organized at the interface between academia, industry and society.


New participants

Estrella de Levante has become a platform participant in Wetsus. Estrella de Levante is a Spanish brewery in the region of Murcia. This region is a water scarce region and frequently experiences periods of drought. Innovative technologies can improve the water, energy and resource efficiency of the brewery. Estrella de Levante decided to join Wetsus to work on the improvement of the operational efficiency of existing processes of the plant and to prepare for new opportunities in the field of the circular economy.


Evoqua (USA) recently joined the Sensoring theme. Evoqua Evoqua Water Technologies is a global leader in helping municipalities and industrial customers with cost-effective and reliable water treatment systems and services. Evoqua offers a broad range of water solutions, from activated carbon, reverse osmosis, wastewater daf (dissolved air flotation) and mobile water solutions to membrane ultrafiltration and biological wastewater treatment.

Philipp Wilfert wins Marcel Mulder Prize

At the annual Wetsus Congress, Philipp Wilfert was awarded the Marcel Mulder Prize. This prize honours the late professor Marcel Mulder, who planted the seed for Wetsus. Every year, a PhD of Wetsus is selected for the most exceptional performance in the field of water technology innovation. Philipp Wilfert got the 2017 prize for his work in the Phosphate Recovery team. Philipp found a new way to enable sustainable phosphate recovery.


European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018

After the successful Wetsus 2017 Congress, we now start preparing the European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018 (EWTW 2018), with the general theme ‘Connecting Global Water Tech Hubs’. The Wetsus 2018 annual congress will be part of EWTW 2018. The global water technology sector is increasingly organized in hubs. EWTW 2018 will connect these hubs in Leeuwarden, the United Nations Innovating City for water technology. At this special event, the sector will meet and inspire each other in the innovative climate of WaterCampus Leeuwarden, from September 24 to 27, 2018. EWTW 2018 will among others feature the Wetsus Congress 2018, Water Alliance WaterLink2018, a dedicated trade show and a WaterCampus Experience day. Don’t miss this unique event and stay up to date on the program at


Wetsus and WaterCampus at Aquatech

Of course Wetsus will be present at AIWW/Aquatech, next week.
You can find us at the InnovationLAB, the Industrial Users Experience and in the WaterCampus booth at the Netherlands Water Pavilion.

Research and development in the area of water are vital for the future of many businesses, as well as for a sustainable future of our world. The InnovationLAB features early stage technology innovation for you to see, feel, smell and touch! The latest in research and development is shown at the InnovationLAB, giving you a sneak preview of future technology trends in the water industry, hall 7.

For the The Industrial Users Experience, Wetsus prepared a n interesting program, info can be found here  (Location: Hal 7, nr 7.272).

The Netherlands Pavilion is your one-stop-shop for innovative water solutions, the place to meet and get in touch with the Dutch water sector. Part of the pavilion are WaterCampus Leeuwarden and Wetsus.

We hope te meet you, between 31 October – 3 November!

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