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Wetsus News September 2018

Published: 7 september 2018

New European grant supporting the Biopolymers from water theme

The European-funded project SCALIBUR was recently granted. This four-year H2020 project will deal with resource recovery from urban biowaste. As part of this project, Wetsus will develop and test a small pilot scale plant for the controlled and systematic production and recovery of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) accumulated by waste activated sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants. These PHAs can be used to produce renewable bioplastics. This work on PHAs will be part of the Wetsus research theme Biopolymers from water, in which Paques, STOWA and SNB participate. The SCALIBUR consortia comprises 21 companies and institutes throughout Europe. The project is coordinated by the Spanish ITENE and will run from 2018 to 2022, the total budget is 10 million Euro.


New participant: Water schapsbedrijf Limburg

Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg ( has signed up as a theme participant. They will join the phosphate recovery research theme. WBL is a daughter company of Waterschap Limburg; the water board of the Dutch most southern Province. Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg produces purified wastewater en converts sewage sludge in valuable raw materials and energy. The cooperation with Wetsus fits in WBL’s strategy lines of innovation, high performance and sustainability.

Stockholm Water Prize 2018

By revolutionizing microbiological-based technologies in water and wastewater treatment, he has demonstrated the possibilities to remove harmful contaminants from water, cut wastewater treatment costs, reduce energy consumption, and recover chemicals and nutrients for recycling. In this regard, Mark van Loosdrecht has made very valuable contributions to Wetsus also.

Mark van Loosdrecht, Professor in Environmental Biotechnology at Delft University of Technology, has won the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize. We congratulate him with this fantastic achievement.
Mark van Loosdrecht, Professor in Environmental Biotechnology at Delft University of Technology, has won the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize. We congratulate him with this fantastic achievement.

In the picture also Centaine Du Toy van Hees, student at RSG Magister Alvinus in Sneek, who represented The Netherlands in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, with her research on the Blue Battery, an electrical storage system on water and salt. She was trained by Michel Saakes, theme manager at Wetsus.


Last week to register for EWTW 2018/Wetsus Congress

WaterCampus is busy with the final preparations for the first European Water Technology Week, September 24-27.

In the congress program, the Wetsus Congress is fully integrated and connected with other events, such as WaterLink, exhibition floor, matchmaking applied science sessions, etc. You will recognize the traditional elements of the Wetsus congress in the program of all congress days.

On Monday, after the plenary opening session, keynote speakers will address the theme of the Wetsus Congress: Excellence in Multidisciplinarity. Multidisciplinary research is increasingly recognized as a precondition to create breakthrough innovations, but how to effectively organize this? Views from science, business and politics are shared. One of the speakers is Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

In the afternoon, a plenary session called Connecting Global Water Tech Hubs is scheduled. Water technology hubs from around the world will briefly pitch their activities. In a lively session they will discuss challenges and opportunities in international cooperation. We welcome hubs from China, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, US and Europe.

On Tuesday, the focus is on the scientific topics of Wetsus, but this year also multiple sessions about applied research, business and water technology hubs are added. The day will be kicked off with a keynote on the relevance of entrepreneurship for science by Prince Constantijn, Startup Delta Special Envoy. We continue the mixture of science and business sessions on Wednesday, and in the afternoon, the WaterLink part of the EWTW 2018 is held.

For the full congress program, please click here. We hope to welcome you, please register here.


Wetsus Academy: positive results in National Student Survey 2018

In the Dutch national student survey 2018, students of the Wetsus Academy MSc Program Water Technology (, are more satisfied than the average Dutch students on all evaluation criteria, except for learning facilities. In the survey, students indicated to be very satisfied with the content of the programme, general and scientific skills acquired, examination and assessment, and their teachers. They also mentioned their satisfaction on pursuit of excellence and the preparation for their professional career. The learning facilities have been evaluated by Wetsus and next academic year major improvements will be made. For more information, you can contact Nelleke van Dorenmalen.

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