of vivianite’s paramagnetism for phosphate recovery from sewage sludge

Anticipated start: January/ February/ March 2024
Duration: 6 – 12 months
Location: Wetsus Research Institute, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

There are a few possibilities for allowances:
– The allowance for students is €200. The student can apply for ‘Wetsus Grant’ allowance (€200 extra; an internal committee decides if the allowance will be granted).
– Students can apply for Erasmus; (if the Erasmus grant is less than €400, the student can apply for the Wetsus Grant).
– Erasmus
*The Wetsus Grant allowance is not guaranteed and must be approved by the Grant Committee.

Project background

For wastewater treatment plants dosing Fe to remove P, up to 90% of P can be present as vivianite (Fe3(PO4)2*8H2O). This mineral is both thermodynamically and kinetically favored in reduced environments such as in the anaerobic digester. Since vivianite is paramagnetic, its recovery from sludge is possible via magnetic technologies. However, vivianite is oxidized quickly. Therefore, it is important to investigate the relationship between different levels of oxidation and its paramagnetic properties to have better control over the magnetic recovery process. Moreover, other factors like impurities can also contribute to changes in vivianite’s paramagnetism and oxidation

Your tasks include:

  • Synthesizing unoxidized vivianite under oxygen-free condition
  • Analyzing samples (ICP-OES, SEM-EDX, TS, VS, Raman, IR)
  • Preparing samples for further analyses (Mossbauer spectroscopy, XRD, SQUID)

You are

  • Currently enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s study in chemical science or related field
  • Motivated, willing to learn, and committed
  • Proficient and precise with laboratory work
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Preferably having a driver’s license
  • EU citizen or non-EU citizen already enrolled in a Dutch university



  • Gain hands-on experience with analytical equipment
  • Work in an advanced laboratory with colleagues from around the world
  • Have close supervision while participating in project development process
  • Depending on your situation you will receive a €200 or €400 monthly allowance

Interested? Please apply with your updated cv and cover letter in the application form below. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to ha nguyen in the message below.

Application form: Investigation of vivianite’s paramagnetism for phosphate recovery from sewage sludge

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