Wetsus Webinars

Wetsus started with a series of webinars, about specific topics related to our research. The first topic was Bioassays: added value for water quality monitoring, over 100 people attended, and there was a great discussion and interaction. We thank our experts: Milo de Baat, University of Amsterdam, Antoine Karengera, Wetsus, Milou Dingemans, KWR Water Research and Corine Houtman, Het Waterlaboratorium.

Next webinars

February 11, 2021, we will address Artificial Intelligence in Water Technology. The management of water infrastructures in terms of water quantity and quality can greatly benefit from novel automated ways to collect, process, and learn from data. During this webinar we’ll hear about some examples.

February 25, 2021: Food & Water. Water is a critical component in food physics and food technology. Taste, quality and shelf life are determined by the way water interacts with other food components. In this webinar we explore aspects of food from the water rather than from the ingredients perspective. and explore what water technology can bring to these disciplines.

Updates and the possibilty for registration will follow soon!