electricity at extreme conditions extremophile electro-active biofilms

Duration: 6-8 months
Location: Wetsus Research Institute, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

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– The allowance for students is €200. The student can apply for ‘Wetsus Grant’ allowance (€200 extra; an internal committee decides if the allowance will be granted).
– Students can apply for Erasmus; (if the Erasmus grant is less than €400, the student can apply for the Wetsus Grant).
– Erasmus
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Project description

Bioelectrochemical systems (BESs; figure 1) have been referred as a new technology for chemicals productions, bioremediation and power generation. The role of electro-active microorganisms in these systems is crucial. However, their performance in terms of current output is not competitive for practical application yet. One of the main limitations is the acid that is produced by the electroactive biofilm in the oxidation reaction at the anode, which reduces the activity of the microorganisms. On top of that, the acid induces a pH imbalance between the anode and cathode, which leads to additional energy losses.

In this research we want to explore the use of microorganisms that are able to survive extreme conditions (extremophiles) to reduce these losses. More specifically acidic (acidophiles) and alkaline (alkaliphiles) will be tested for their applicability in energy production.

Your profile

  • Background in biotechnology, environmental engineering or related fields;
  • Currently enrolled in Bachelor or Master’s studies;
  • Experience with laboratorial work, preferably with microbial culturing;
  • Good English communication skills both writing and spoken;

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