The Blue Energy Theme focuses on the development of a sustainable technology for electricity generation by using the salinity gradient between river water and seawater. This technology, called Blue Energy, combines electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, process engineering and water pretreatment technology to generate renewable electrical energy. New investigations are directed towards anti-fouling measures and the development of membranes that are not susceptible for fouling. The Blue Energy Theme also focuses on the development of the Blue Battery that uses a reversible bipolar membrane for the storage of the electrical energy in acids and bases while this chemical energy is turned into electrical energy during discharge.

This Blue Battery is the core of the Horizon 2020 project BAoBAB (2017-2021) with Wetsus as coordinator. Both for Blue Energy as well as for the Blue Battery the target is the development of new membrane technology to fulfill the requirements. The membrane development is done in collaboration with the Technical University of Eindhoven (group Prof. Kitty Nijmeijer) and with FUJI Europe (Tilburg, The Netherlands). On-site tests for Blue Energy are done at De Afsluitdijk together with REDstack.

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