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Advanced water treatment

The emphasis in this theme is on new sustainable water purification technologies to remove salt, priority compounds, biological material and other contaminants, as stated in the Water Framework Directive. New water treatment technologies are investigated based on physical, electrical and electrochemical principles. These principles can include molecular transport in electrical fields, magnetic, photonic and acoustic driving forces, or driven by pressure. Technologies presently studied are UV-LED reactors, in-situ formed membranes, and reverse osmosis.

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Maarten Biesheuvel

Theme manager
Bert van der Wal

Theme coordinator
Maarten Biesheuvel


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Research projects

Olga Bernadet, University of Groningen
   Control of metabolic active biofilms on activated carbon for efficient in situ regeneration
Li Zhang
   Multicomponent mass transport modeling of water desalination with reverse osmosis

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