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Focus of the algae theme is sustainable biotechnology for the production of valuable products. Algae are the perfect candidates to do this: they absorb nutrients and carbon dioxide and convert this into valuable biochemicals and oxygen, using light as the sole source of energy. However, to develop this into an economically feasible technology, improvements need to be made in the conversion from light and minerals to biochemicals. This is investigated using different strategies to improve light colour, and the effects of light-dark cycles and light frequency on growth and product yield. For specific products such as proteins or lipids, research is done on the effects of specific culture conditions. Furthermore, research is done on better integration of algae culture with downstream processing, such as culturing algae in biofilms, bio- and auto-flocculation of algae and scenario studies on the boundary conditions required for this integration. The envisaged breakthroughs in algae culture will enable closing of nutrient cycles, making it the sustainable biotechnology of the future.

Company members

Marcel Geers-kl
Anthony Verschoor2

Theme manager
Ir. Marcel Geers

Theme coordinator
Anthony Verschoor

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