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Priority compounds & Virus control

Chemical-free and non-specific degradation and inactivation of human-originated trace
contaminants into harmless products is the main focus of this theme.

The goal of this theme is twofold. Firstly, to develop effective and efficient chemical-free
UV-based advanced oxidation technologies to produce safe drinking water from impaired
water sources. As part of a treatment train, these technologies should be effective in
preventing acute exposures to pathogens (viruses) and long-term chronic exposures to
chemical contaminants (priority compounds). Technologies and applications will not only
be evaluated on their removal performances, but also on potential (geno)toxicological
effects of degradation products. Secondly, the goal is to develop instruments and methods
for fast and simple process validation on log removal and log inactivation values. Lack of
sensitivity of operational monitoring may otherwise reduce the log credits that can be

Jan Post6

Theme manager
Domenico Santoro

Theme coordinator
Jan Post


Industrial partners

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Academic partners

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Research projects

Nimmy Kovoor George, Fundació Institut Calalà de Recerca de l'Agiua (ICRA)
   Photochemistry and scale-up of chemical-free AOP by VUV light for water treatment
Shuyana Heredia, University of Twente
   Integrated UV photocatalytic active membrane water purification
Swarupa Chatterjee, University of Twente
   Fluorescence spectroscopy for fast and simple detection and counting of viruses in water

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