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Smart water grids

The network of drinking-water pipelines in the Netherlands is very extensive. It varies in age between being laid today and a century ago, and many different materials and laying methods have been used. The replacement value of the whole network is more than €10 billion. The condition of the network is hard to gauge, mainly because it is all underground band it is not always completely sure where. One specific section of the network could be leaking while another section, a metre further up, could be in perfect condition.
New technologies are vital, especially for keeping an eye out for future developments while choosing whether to repair or replace a pipeline. The research will deliver new inspection techniques, allowing the condition of pipelines and appendages to be determined at low cost. Developments such as (ultrasonic) sound, magnetic wave and radar technologies are very relevant today.
The ambition for this theme is to develop methods for the in-line and on-line inspection of pipelines for €500 per kilometre, and the ability to make well-founded decisions about the possible replacement of pipelines.

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Eelco Trietsch

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