João Pereira

PhD Researcher


Currently working on the optimization of bio-electrochemical systems through the understanding of growth kinetics and composition of electro-active bacteria.


MSc, Bioengineering, University of Porto, Portugal, 2018

Research interests

Bio-electrochemical systems, electro-active biofilms, resource recovery

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Pereira et al. 2023. “Comparing theoretical and practical biomass yields calls for revisiting thermodynamic growth models for electroactive microorganisms”. Water Research, 2023;120279.
  • Pereira et al. 2022. “Maximum Thickness of Non-Buffer Limited Electro-Active Biofilms Decreases at Higher Anode Potentials“. Biofilm 2022;4.
  • Pereira et al. 2022. “Real-time monitoring of biofilm thickness allows for determination of acetate limitations in bio-anodes“. Bioresour Technol Reports 2022;18:101028.
  • Pereira et al. 2022. “Opportunities for visual techniques to determine characteristics and limitations of electro-active biofilms“. Biotechnol Adv 2022;60:108011.
  • Pereira et al 2021. “The effect of intermittent anode potential regimes on the morphology and extracellular matrix composition of electro-active bacteria“. Biofilm 2021;4:100064.
  • ter Heijne et al. 2020. “Electron Storage in Electroactive Biofilms“. Trends Biotechnol 2020;39:34–42.
  • Molenaar et al. 2018, “In situ biofilm quantification in bioelectrochemical systems by using optical coherence tomography”, ChemSusChem 11(13) (2018) 2171–2178.