Mariana Rodrigues

PhD Researcher


My research focuses on recovering ammonium/ammonia from wastewater (electrodialysis, bipolar electrodialysis, membrane stripping).
Besides my research activities, I am involved in the NEWBIES project funded by LIFE (EU-funded projects).


MSc Biological Engineering, Porto University, Portugal, 2018

Research interests

Nitrogen, Ammonium, Electrochemical recovery, High performance systems

Selected list of publications

  • Rodrigues, M.; T. Sleutels, P. Kuntke, D. Hoekstra, A. ter Heijne, C.J.N. Buisman, H.V.M. Hamelers (2020). Exploiting Donnan Dialysis to enhance ammonia recovery in an electrochemical system
  • Kuntke, P.; M. Rodrigues, T. Sleutels, M. Saakes, H.V.M. Hamelers, C.J.N. Buisman (2018). Energy-Efficient Ammonia Recovery in an Up-Scaled Hydrogen Gas Recycling Electrochemical System