Qingdian Shu

Postdoctoral Researcher


After defending his PhD thesis on ‘Design and development of an electrochemical direct air capture Process’, Qingdian Shu became a postdoctoral researcher at Wetsus. His current research focuses on carbon capture and electrochemical processes (electrodialysis, bipolar electrodialysis), from fundamental modeling to experimental investigation.


PhD, Environmental Technology, Wageningen University/Wetsus, the Netherlands, 2023
MSc, Water Technology, Wageningen University, University of Twente and University of Groningen, the Netherlands, 2018

Research interests

Carbon dioxide, direct air capture, electrochemistry, electrodialysis, bipolar membrane

Selected publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Shu, Q., Legrand, L., Kuntke, P., Tedesco, M., & Hamelers, H. V. M., Electrochemical Regeneration of Spent Alkaline Absorbent from Direct Air Capture. Environmental Science & Technology, 54(14), 8990–8998 (2020)
  • Shu, Q., Haug, M., Tedesco, M., Kuntke, P., & v. M. Hamelers, H., Direct Air Capture Using Electrochemically Regenerated Anion Exchange Resins. Environmental Science & Technology, 56(16), 11559–11566 (2022)
  • Shu, Q., Sin, C. S., Tedesco, M., Hamelers, H. V. M., & Kuntke, P., Optimization of an electrochemical direct air capture process with decreased CO2 desorption pressure and addition of background electrolyte. Chemical Engineering Journal, 470, 144251 (2023)
  • Legrand, L., Shu, Q., Tedesco, M., Dykstra, J. E., & Hamelers, H. V. M., Role of ion exchange membranes and capacitive electrodes in membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI) for CO2 capture. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 564 (2020)