Vania Chavez Rico

PhD Researcher


Environmental engineer and biologist, I hold a Master degree in environmental sanitation with a mayor in soils. I have worked in several research institutions. During the work in these institutions, I was trained in different areas: air quality monitoring, soil and water analysis, limnology, ficology, bioindicators, gray and white biotechnology. Well versed in different analyses techniques in solid and liquid matrices. I am versatile and can performed better in areas that require a wide view of the influence of several environmental sources. 
In my PhD, I am combining soil quality and bioprocesses. The main scope is the design of organic amendments with potential to enhance soil organic matter quality and consequently specific soil properties. Three different technologies are used in this regard: Anaerobic digestion, Bokashi fermentation and Composting.


MSc, Environmental sanitation, University of Ghent, Belgium, 2018
BSc, Biology, Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Bolivia, 2013
BSc, Environmental Engineering, Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo, Bolivia, 2008

Research interests

Soils, gray biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, Anaerobic Digestion, composting, Bokashi Fermentation