community analysis of biological oxygen-dosed activated carbon filters capable of long-term organic micropollutants removal and biofouling prevention


In recent years, the presence of organic micropollutants (OMPs) in water cycle has become a global concern due to their potential negative impact on human health & the environment. Biological oxygen-dosed activated carbon filters are capable of removing OMPs & biofuling precursors even though they have been used for more than 12 years without regeneration. The excellent long-term performance of BODAC filters at removing OMPs & biofouling precursors are likely connected to
the microbial activity of the biofilms. In this project, microbial community of the pilot scale BODAC filters and Mn-enriched biofilms will be investigated.


This project

Estimated starting date : September 2022
Duration : 6— 12 month

Allowance 200 EUR per month
• Experience to work in an international environment
• Experience to work in a multidisciplinary project
• Contribution to the advancement of water technology

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Dutch / EU students / non-EU students studying in a Dutch university
• Strong background in (Bio)chemistry and Molecular Biology
• Experience in DNA and RNA extraction and purification + qPCR is preferred
• Preferably have a valid driver’s license in the Netherlands
• Responsible, accuracy and precisionoriented
• Willing to be actively involved in the project

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