the potential of reusing wastewater from the perspective of microbiological safety

Type of project: BSc or MSc Thesis/internship
Starting date: September 2023
Duration: 6 – 12 months
Location: Wetsus Research Institute, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

There are a few possibilities for allowances:
– The allowance for students is €200. The student can apply for ‘Wetsus Grant’ allowance (€200 extra; an internal committee decides if the allowance will be granted).
– Students can apply for Erasmus; (if the Erasmus grant is less than €400, the student can apply for the Wetsus Grant).
– Erasmus
*The Wetsus Grant allowance is not guaranteed and must be approved by the Grant Committee.

Project background

In the context of global warming, reducing greenhouse gas emissions has become one of the most important topics. Energy harnessing from wastewater formulates a promising strategy to decrease the consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases. My research focuses on a wastewater heat recovery system. Wastewater will first be treated through aerobic biological processes combined with a nanofiltration unit. After the heat extraction, wastewater will be directed to households for different purposes of reuse. However, the microbial quality of the reclaimed wastewater, especially after a certain period of storage time, remains unknown. In this internship/thesis project, you are expected to investigate the microbiological safety of the reclaimed water in the system and explore the potential of wastewater reuse.

Project background

Your responsibilities:
– Sampling from the wastewater treatment plant and running the experimental setup
– Sample analysis with microscopy and molecular methods
– Data analysis and reporting

Our requirements:
– Background in microbiology/environmental engineering or related fields
– Lab experience is required. Lab experience in microbiology is a bonus
– Good English communication skills, both writing and speaking
– Preferably with driving license
– Currently enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s studies

Upload a motivation letter and your CV to the form below. If you have further questions, please contact Shuoguang Yang ( Please apply for this position by filling in the application form.

Application form: Untapping the potential of reusing wastewater from the perspective of microbiological safety

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