congress 2021

Innovation for a fair and sustainable society is the theme of the Wetsus Congress 2021. The congress will be held in city theatre De Harmonie in Leeuwarden. On Monday October 4, the theme will be addressed by speakers with various backgrounds, business, science and governmental perspectives will be highlighted.
Tuesday October 5 is all about science. The parallel sessions are based on Wetsus’ scientific program.

Full program and registration soon on this page.

Monday October 4

Plenary sessions


Tuesday October 5

Parallel sessions, overview:

1.1 Physics of Water – Vortices in nature and water technology applications           

1.2 (Bio)electrochemical systems for resource recovery                  

1.3 Biological sulfide oxidation to sulfur                                                                

1.4 Remote sensing, modeling, data assimilation and machine learning for ecological monitoring                                                                               

1.5 Applied Science: Nanoparticles and Water 

2.1 PFAS in water: how to treat and destroy Forever Chemicals?               

2.2. Water in Food Physics & Food Technology                                              

2.3  Waste water composition as predictive tool   

2.4 Optimizing Irrigation Water Quality                                                                          

2.5 Applied Science (tba)