desulfurization processing schemes

Project description

Currently, most of the world’s sulfur is produced as a by-product of the treatment of gas streams that come from the mining of fossil fuels. These gas streams contain dihydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is recovered and transformed into sulfur using both energy and chemically intensive processes. As the world transitions to using more sustainable forms of energy, sulfur production will decrease and may no longer be available for use in industries such as agriculture. The biodesulfurization technology utilizes sulfide oxidizing bacteria (SOB) that convert H2S gas to elemental sulfur under ambient conditions making it more sustainable than physiochemical processes. SOB remove sulfide (HS-) in anaerobic conditions and reduce oxygen in sulfide-free condition [1]. This ability is called the shuttling capacity of the SOB, and theunderlying mechanisms are not understood. Therefore, a multi-scale approach is needed to understand this ability.

This offer will focus on running and maintaining a continuous lab-scale reactor. It also includes continuous sampling and monitoring of the reactor. The goal is to monitor the shuttling-capacity during operation and provide real-time information on
the process performance and potentially implement new process schemes.

• Maintain a continuous bioreactor system
• Perform sampling and analysis of water samples using different methods

[1] ter Heijne, A., et. al., Environmental science & technology letters, 5(8), (2018). 495-499

Project description


• Currently enrolled as a BSc or MSc student; **
• Good communication in English – both written and oral;
• Enthusiastic, motivated, and teamoriented
• Background in environmental/chemical engineering, water technology, biotechnology or similar;
• Experience with laboratory work is preferred



How to apply

If you are interested, please send your CV (max 2 pg.) and motivation letter (max 1 pg.) through the application form below. Please indicate your start date availability as well as your preferred project duration.
If you have any further questions regarding this position, please do not hesitate to send an email to

** Note: Non-EU citizens must be enrolled at a Dutch university to be eligible for this project.