can organizations join wetsus?

In the Wetsus cooperation model, a distinction is made between company, platform and know-how institute participants, as described below. Specific IP rights for each participation form are part of the Wetsus IPR regulations. For the available participation forms, dedicated model agreements for cooperation in the Wetsus program are available (interested parties can contact Johannes Boonstra,

All participants have free access to the following services offered by Wetsus:

• Early access to all Wetsus’ scientific publications • Membership of a growing exclusive water technology network containing specialists from about 135 partners • Dedicated workshops • Admission to internal (members only) conferences and webinars • Free access to Wetsus’ public congresses

Company participants

Companies participate in Wetsus per research theme. Knowledge, which results from pre- competitive research defined and funded by these participants, is commercially implemented by these companies and made accessible to third parties through patents and scientific publications. The participating commercial and research organizations are listed on the following pages. Wetsus’ aim is to extend the number of company participants in order to further increase the commercial relevance and momentum of the scientific research. Wetsus has a collaboration policy that focuses on protecting the interests of the participants.

Cooperation in Wetsus is open to all companies. As per 2023, companies from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, USA, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, China and the Netherlands participate.
Much attention will be given to further internationalization, particularly in Europe.

As per January 2023, the following rates apply for participation (these rates are subject to inflation correction):

Company Participants: € 30,800/theme/year

Platform participants

Further, a platform membership with network function is a participation form companies can choose for. The platform participants have no voting rights on the research program and indirect access to the intellectual property of Wetsus (to patents that are not transferred to relevant theme participants). They have a privileged position with respect to information. Each ‘regular’ company participant automatically is a platform participant. The 2023 annual rate for platform participation ranges from € 3,700 (company turnover < € 1.5 million/year) to € 8,700 (turnover < € 3 million/year) to € 12,400 (turnover > € 3 million/year).

Know-how institute participants

The research in Wetsus is performed by the know- how institute participants. Leading university research chairs from all over Europe are invited for this purpose. This results in a multidisciplinary and excellent scientific workforce with a clear focus. The research is mainly performed by PhD- students, who are recruited from Europe and the rest of the world. Access to research facilities of 25 research institutes and a very large scientific network are important added advantages of this approach. As per 2023, 56 principle investigators and professors from 25 know-how institutes from 10 countries participate. The strategy is to maintain this network of EU chairs and to further increase its relevance and impact.

Participants (January 2023)

Platform participants (January 2023)

Know-how Institute Participants (January 2023)