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At Wetsus we have internship positions for MSc and BSc students. The content is depending on your study (chemistry, physics, microbiology, etc.). During an internship at Wetsus you work with and assist a PhD researcher on his or her project. Besides a proper background for the internship project of your choice, another condition is you must be enrolled at a Dutch or European university. Wetsus has a cost allowance of EUR 200 or 400 per month, subject to the personal situation and if you have any european grant (erasmus for instance). For more information about these allowances you can ask the PhD researcher or you can contact hrm via

For Non-EU students a registration at a Dutch university is necessary to be able to get a residence permit for study purposes and perform an internship within the Netherlands. Only when you meet these qualifications we can accept you as an intern at Wetsus.
For more information you can also visit the website of the Nuffic (Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education). 

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