European centre of excellence
for sustainable water technology


Wetsus’ main objective is to develop (pre)competitive know-how with respect to water treatment technology, by bringing scientists and entrepreneurs together. It is crucial that this know-how is converted into successful, profitable innovations, not only to create business, but also to help solve the global water crisis. In this respect, the proximity of test facilities, proper business education, availability of venture capital and other facilitation of start-ups, and a stimulating climate for collaboration in the water sector are of great importance. This support is available for the entire water sector, so not just for Wetsus participants.

International Water Technology Campus
In order to stimulate know-how clustering it is important that the critical mass of the international research program of Wetsus is embedded in a dedicated innovation ecosystem. A concentration of commercial and scientific activities in the field of water provides synergy in the shape of joint ventures, new creativity and facility sharing. In addition, concentrating water activities in a single geographic area increases the international profile of the participating organizations. Wetsus is located in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. This region is characterized by a relatively high density of independently owned and globally exporting water companies and a high degree of organization in the sector. Together with Water Alliance and other relevantcommercial and governmental organizations, Wetsus is supporting the ambition to create an international water technology campus. This ‘Water campus’ initiative aims to combine regional, national and EU policies and funds. The Centre of Expertise Watertechnology (CEW), has started its business in 2011 as a centre for knowledge and innovation in water technology. CEW is a unique collaboration between the Dutch government (Ministries of Education and Economical Affairs), education (Van Hall Larenstein and NHL, Leeuwarden based BSc universities of applied sciences) and business in the water sector. CEW is specially intended to increase the research cooperation between SME’s and Universities of Applied Sciences with an emphasis on valorization research. CEW forms in that sense a valuable contribution in the knowledge chain from inventions to innovations.

combining scientific excellence with commercial relevance