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for sustainable water technology


The iWATERMAP project focuses on supporting the innovation policies in water technology sector, helping to increase the critical mass of innovation ecosystems in partner regions in this sector. The critical mass in innovation ecosystem approach means that all the necessary elements for innovation ecosystem are identified and put in place stage by stage, such as academia and business cooperation, cross-cluster fertilization, interregional networks and cooperation, science and education, thus ensuring stable and sustainable development of the system. Reaching the critical mass in innovation will allow partner regions in future to rise above their own weight in innovation development, creating the conditions for raising competitiveness, growth and jobs in the regions

The project has selected the water technology sector as a focus area. The importance of the sector lies in its ability to help to address societal challenges related to water resource management - water scarcity, efficiency, use in other industrial sectors, resource recovery from waste water and waste water treatment etc. The sector has a large potential for generating innovative products and services which can be exported, thus also contributing to the creation of growth and jobs in the region.

Project Partners
Wetsus, European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology (NL)
CREA Hydro&Energy, z.s. (CZ)
Region of Crete (EL)
Food and Agriculture Cluster Foundation of the Murcia Region (ES)
Riga Technical University (RTU) (LV)
Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Latvia (MoES) (LV)
Province of Fryslân (NL)
University of Minho (Uminho) (PT)
North-East Regional Development Agency (RO)

Budget: € 1.7 million (€1.4 million European Regional Development Fund)
Project period: 1 Jun 2018 - 31 May 2023

Project website:

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