Bioassays: added value for water quality monitoring

Bioassays can aid in water quality assessment as they not only help to sensor chemical pollutants, but also provide insight in the type of adverse effects that these compounds can have. Bioassays don’t replace, but extent chemical analytical tools. There is not one ultimate bioassay that provides all answers, so where, when and how should these be used in water quality assessments, and which type should you use? In this webinar we present an overview of bioassays, including a new type developed by Wetsus, and we discuss their current and future usability with 4 experts.

We invite you to join this webinar on-line on Thursday 10th December from 15.30-17.15 h. You can already register: It is possible to ask questions via the private chat function, we will try to incorporate those in the discussion.

Contributing experts: Dr. Milo de Baat, University of Amsterdam, Antoine Karengera BPharm, MSc., Wetsus, Dr. Milou Dingemans, KWR Water Research, Dr. Corine Houtman, Het Waterlaboratorium