Wetsus webinar: Natural nanoparticles in water – the key to new technologies

Wetsus is organizing a webinar about nanoparticles in water: May 20, 15.30 – 17.15

Nanotechnology determines our everyday life – none of the many devices related to modern information technology such as (but not limited to) computers or smart phones would be possible without it. Yet, all of these gadgets make use of nanotechnology of solids.

The nano-world of liquids is less explored, and especially in water it is a promising research area both from an environmental point of view when considering, for example, nano-plastics and other pollutants, or from an technological point of view looking at natural nanometre sized particles in water. Such particles were discovered less than 10 years ago and are called DOLLOPs (dynamically ordered liquid like oxyanion polymers).

These DOLLOPS are nanostructures which make up the colloidal phase of calcium (bi) carbonate and allow for a more precise description of water and how (ions, DOLLOPs, amorphous calcium carbonate, etc.) are present in the water. They can be imagined as watery “ionic polymers”; strings of calcium carbonate ions held together by the surrounding water. Ions can “join” a string and can detach in a dynamic equilibrium. They form the earliest starting point for scaling and their possibilities for growth determines whether scaling occurs.  Recently it has been demonstrated that magnetic field gradients can shift the balance from ions to DOLLOPs thereby changing the scaling behaviour. This is a possible explanation for the mysterious magnetic treatments of water that have been demonstrated to influence scaling but lacked a credible scientific explanation. A further exploration, application and understanding of magnetic treatment of water is an important step in the drive towards sustainable, non-chemical treatment of drinking water.

To discover more, join our webinar on May 20, 15.30. Our speakers are: prof. dr. Denis Gebauer, Universität Hannover, dr. Luewton L.F Agostinho, NHL/Wetsus, Talie Zarei MSc, Wetsus,  Stephan van de Wetering, Brabant Water, DI Johannes Larch & Georg Huber, IPF Austria

Host: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs, Wetsus, co-host: Herman Offerhaus, University of Twente

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