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Executive Water MBA

Start your executive MBA when you are a water specialist with leadership ambitions!

Dr Meindert Flikkema, one of our professors: “If you are eager to gain a bigger repertoire of management methods, you are most welcome.”

- Are you a water expert in your field? Then you know that you are important for the Water sector.
  And, are you eager to become a leader within the Water sector? Then we offer you an executive
  MBA that helps you to develop your executive skills and makes it possible to take on (international) 
  challenges in the Water sector.
- Study at your own speed at home, that is possible with this executive MBA!
- Want to study with other experts from the international (Water) world? We provide you the
- Within 2 years you develop from expert to top level executive in the Top Sector Water.
- The study is based on action learning, which means you transfer your knowledge as a water expert
  directly to executive level. It assures the MBA optimizes the link between what you learn,
  experience and practice.
- Study any time and at any place. In this course, every module starts with a class or group meeting.
  You can join this class online from your location or join the meetings in Utrecht. We also use
  interesting communities. In short, we offer a modern study!
- Moreover, you get involved with the people that are the best in their profession. Like the professors
  and teachers that teach and coach you. And you meet capable, ambitious students who have the
  same eagerness for their own business as you! 

  The e-learning modules are equal for everyone; what differs are the cases and the assignments. It
  guarantees that you are part of a class with similar students. The transfer of knowledge into daily
  practice is optimal. In all cases your study is perfect to realize your ambition for a leading executive 

Terica Sinclair, Jamaica, specialist in membrane engineering and alumni eMBA: “In multidisciplinary fields, it is necessary to be eclectic. Thinking outside the box also means doing things outside the box. For me the eMBA was outside the box.”

Why this education of NOVI Lemniscaat school of management?
This executive MBA is developed in close cooperation with NOVI Lemniscaat school of management and Wetsus, SkillsTown and Delta Learning in Water. The European center of excellence for sustainable water technology, Wetsus, is intrinsically involved. SkillsTown contributed as biggest online education institute of The Netherlands with the online course materials. Delta Learning in Water is the education institute for the international water sector and involved from the start with content and marketing of the study.
Professors and experts from the Leading Water sector work together with the staff of NOVI Lemniscaat for completing this first online study. Already hundreds of professionals finished their MBA since the start of Lemniscaat in 1996. The study is part of the curriculum of Hogeschool NOVI since 2015, and is developed to a study that is based on the modern education insights of blended and action learning. Action learning gives the optimal link between content and practice. With blended learning a student studies at home, using e-learning, Skype and social communities. This full executive MBA is the first NVAO accredited study that is based on the principles blended and action learning.

More information on Delta Learning in Water, the educational institute for the international water sector? Go to

Ronald Wielinga, owner Delta Learning in Water and initiator of the Water eMBA: “I am convinced that it is fun to learn management skills with others from your own sector that are in the same situation.”

Below you see the program structure for this study. We have 8 subjects, which all lead to 5 ECTS
points [ECTS stands for European credit transfer system, a European system for study points for courses of studies. A full year, fulltime study gives 60 ECTS-points (average). One point is for the average student 24-30 hours of work, including colleges, preparing courses and exams].
In the program, you finish every 8 weeks a subject by studying a few nights a week and a part of your weekend. The final thesis gives 20 ECTS points. Block 8 is used to work on your thesis.
Every block focuses besides on the professionally content of the subject, on a part of your personal development. All assignments are focused on the water domain. It makes the study attractive from the first day!


Prashanth Kumar, India, specialist in water treatment and alumni eMBA: “The eMBA helped me with shaping my ideas. I realized I would like to start my own educational institute, and with every module I was reshaping and refining my idea.”

Natascha Dietrich, Germany, PhD student Biofouling and alumni eMBA: “I was always in science, but I realized myself there is a real world outside. A world that has more to offer than science, with real business problems. And of course, business problems are not touched in science studies.”

Characteristics of the study
- DURATION 2 years, average study time 16 hours a week
- COSTS € 14.500 (exempt VAT)
- STARTMOMENT January or September
- LOCATION at home (you need a computer/laptop with stable internet connection for Skype and the
  online streamed classes)

Who takes part in this study?
To be admitted you have a Bachelor’s degree with minimal 3 years of working experience in the field of water. Once you are logged for the study, you get a meeting (personal or skype) with one of our study coaches. He will inform you and make appointments about the follow up of your entry.

Any doubts whether this is your study? We can offer you a CV assessment, so you can find out whether the study fits you.

More information on the program?
Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or your CV assessment.
Contact person Ronald Wielinga, , mobile +31 612138876.

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