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Defense Charu Chawla

Biofouling in Low Pressure Ultrafiltration Modules for Point-Of-Use Applications (Wetsus University of Twente),

Defense Joeri de Valenca

Location: Kanselarij Leeuwarden

Overlimiting current properties at ion echange membranes
(Wetsus/University of Twente)

Location: Kanselarij, Turfmarkt 11 Leeuwarden
Time: 14:30 hrs.

Defense Joao Sousa

Location: Kanselarij Leeuwarden

Biotechnological application of microbial sulfidogenesis at haloalkaline conditions
(Wetsus/Wageningen University)

Wetsus Congress 2018

September 24 and 25: Excellence in Multi Disciplinarity

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