In UV-activated radical filtration, Wetsus researchers have demonstrated that proper light distribution can yield higher degradation efficiency compared to a nonuniform spatial distribution under the same reaction conditions. With this publication, they have shown the importance of controlling the illumination distribution in use and for reporting in scientific literature.

Using methylene blue as a model compound, the scientists measured its breakdown using a mono and multi-LED illuminated photocatalytic membrane. Therein they also showed that light distribution influences the relation between the surface reaction constant and photon flux.

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Heredia Deba, Shuyana A., Bas A. Wols, Doekle R. Yntema, and Rob G. H. Lammertink. 2023. “Photocatalytic Ceramic Membrane: Effect of the Illumination Intensity and Distribution.” Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. A, Chemistry 437 (114469): 114469.