moisture recycling

Controlling land-based water recycling can offer new ways to wet large areas. But how much can we regreen a place for it to make a difference?

Wetsus and UU Copernicus institute scientists found a local moisture recycling ratio (LMR). Calculated as the fraction of evaporated moisture that precipitates within 50 km of its source. A much greater resolution than before. They confirmed that wetness, orography, latitude, convective available potential energy, wind speed, and total cloud cover are correlated with LMR.

The results – highlight that wet region with little wind and strong ascending air favor high LMR. And a map that can tell where adding trees will and will not help local precipitation.

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Theeuwen, J.J.E., A. Staal, O.A. Tuinenburg, B.V.M. Hamelers, S.C. Dekker. 2023. “Local Moisture Recycling across the Globe.” Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 27 (7): 1457–76.