Focus on ice with delegation from Italy

Wetsus was delighted to host a distinguished delegation from Italy this week, with the presence of the Italian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Novello. The visit was instigated by the fruitful connections established during a prior visit of a Dutch delegation to the organizing committee of the 2026 Milano-Cortina Olympics, fostering ties between the Heerenveen region and Italy.  Ice Stadium Thialf, in collaboration with its stakeholders, reciprocated this gesture by extending an invitation to the Italian delegation, timed to coincide with the NK Allround & Sprint long track speed skating event at Thialf.

During their visit to Wetsus, the delegation was treated to a showcase of pioneering advancements in sustainable water technology. Led by Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs and Dr. Valentina Sechi, the Italian delegation gained valuable insights into the cutting-edge research and development efforts underway at Wetsus.

Loes Heemskerk MSc.  introduced a new project focused on ice physics within the research theme of Applied Water Physics, aligning closely with the forthcoming Winter Olympics 2026 and the iconic Thialf venue. Dr. Carlo Belloni and Simona Pruiti, MSc., Italian researchers at Wetsus, facilitated an extensive tour of the laboratories, highlighting collaborative projects and the application of advanced technologies. Their presentations, delivered in Italian, underscored the pivotal role of international cooperation in tackling global water challenges.

The exchange sparked numerous thought-provoking questions from the visitors regarding sustainable innovation for public and environmental health. This visit has paved the way for promising future collaboration, reaffirming both parties’ dedication to sustainable innovation. Wetsus eagerly anticipates further engagement and knowledge-sharing initiatives!