Wetsus member Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition

Wetsus became a proud member of the Dutch Artificial Intelligence Coalition. Wetsus,with its 120 academic and business partners seems in the perfect place to introduce AI into the water technology sector.  We see great opportunities  for AI in water technology. Conneting the water sector to this nationwide initiative is therefore  beneficial in realizing these opportunities.
In the past few years Wetsus worked with AI for water distribution networks, revealing some previously undiscovered aspects. The application of these algorithms was already implemented at one of our member companies. 

We see al lot of potential in our field. For example using AI in genomics based detection of pathogens and chemical compounds will lead to very sensitive detection systems which can provide us with better and faster information about water quality. Sensor fusion can provide insight in previously very difficult to measure variables. Using AI together with satellite observations allows us predicting soil response for different weather situations and even climate change, and find solutions for improving our landscape and living space.