pollutant removal

To successfully remove potentially-toxic organic micropollutants from our waters, we need a framework that can deal with the multitude of these molecules. Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis can help, but how they remove micropollutants is not fully understood. In this publication, the authors show how their theoretical framework improves predictions of organic micropollutant (OMP) rejection

Besides, the authors classified 58 different OMPs using their properties. Such classification allows or can support the study of OMP removal.

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Castaño Osorio, S., P. M. Biesheuvel, E. Spruijt, J. E. Dykstra, and A. van der Wal. 2022. “Modeling Micropollutant Removal by Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Considerations and Challenges.” Water Research 225 (119130): 119130.