Antoine Kemperman

Senior advisor


Working on membranes since 1990. PhD at University of Twente in 1995. After a short stay abroad, working as senior researcher at the University of Twente since then. Experiences in membrane manufacturing, characterization and membrane processes. Focusing on application of membranes in water treatment, with special attention for membrane fouling. Board member Dutch Membrane Society, vice president European Membrane Society (2017-2019). Since 2013 senior advisor at Wetsus for 1 day/week.


PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Twente, the Netherlands, October 1995
MSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Twente, the Netherlands, August 1991

Research interests

Water Treatment, Membrane Technology, Membrane Fouling, Membrane Preparation

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • M. Mohammadifakhr, J. de Grooth, H.D.W. Roesink, A.J.B. Kemperman, Forward Osmosis: A Critical Review, Processes, 8 (2020), 404
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  • Y. Wibisono, E.R, Cornelissen, A.J.B. Kemperman, W.G.J. van der Meer, K. Nijmeijer, Two-phase flow in membrane processes: a technology with a future, J. Membrane Sci., 453 (2014), 566-602
  • P. van der Marel, A. Zwijnenburg, A.J.B. Kemperman, M. Wessling, H. Temmink, W.G.J. van der Meer, An improved flux-step method to determine the critical flux and the critical flux for irreversibility in a membrane bioreactor, J. Membrane Sci., 332 (2009), 24-29
  • W.J.C. van der Ven, K. van ’t Sant. I.G.M. Pünt, A. Zwijnenburg, A.J.B. Kemperman, W.G.J. van der Meer, M. Wessling, Hollow fiber dead-end ultrafiltration: Influence of ionic environment on filtration of alginates, J. Membrane Sci., 308 (2008), 218-229